Question HP Pavilion 15 battery died very fast and causes boot errors ?

Dec 22, 2020
I'll be buying a laptop off of a friend that has issues with the battery.

First off, the battery's health went from 100%ish to 0% in the span of a month, which then caused the following errors to occur during boot:

After pressing enter, the system restarts and the following pops up:

After which the system boots up in a matter of seconds.

Upon removing the battery, the issue disappears and neither of the error screens pop up.

The boot process

Boot with battery disconnected

I don't mind running a laptop without a battery (although if it slips for a second it'll be troublesome!), but do you suppose a new battery would fix the issue? I detest the idea of a 50 second boot as I've been using SSD's for 5+ years now, I can never go back. As batteries aren't exactly pocket change where I live. Or could it be a different issue relating to the charger perhaps?

The specs:

  • Intel Core i5-8300H
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti
  • 12GB DDR4
  • 128GB SSD NVMe + 1TB HDD
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