Question HP Pavilion 15 stuck in sleep mode, hard reset doesn't fix it.


Feb 23, 2015
Hi guys,

After reading a lot on the forum with possible solutions I've decided to seek help because nothing seemed to work.

The laptop was in sleep mode, screen off etc.. I plugged in a (now known faulty) USB device while it still was in sleep mode. Because the screen was off I don't know if the USB device caused a short or something like that but I suspect it might have done so. Now the laptop power LED lights up as usual but it resumes the sleep mode because the power LED starts to blink as if it would be a sleep.

I've tried the hard reset(holding the power button for 60 seconds) laptop turns off. After trying power it up again it resumed the power LED blinking indicating it was a sleep. Next I opened the laptop via removing the bottom cover. Unplugged the battery en tried to power it on via only the AC adapter. Again same result, it resumes sleep. After that I plugged the battery in again en removed the boot SSD. Tried to start it up but again it resumes sleep witch I found strange because to my knowledge sleep mode is an OS thing, but there is no OS connected. Tried removing/switching the ram sticks 1 by 1 again same results.
I have also tried the Windows button + B trick, no success.

There is no activity on the screen its just black. No LED blink codes next to the AC adapter port.
Just for clarification I cannot get into windows.

Is there anything else I can try to fix the issue? I have an IT background en opening up the laptop is something I am comfortable with.

Also are the schematics for the laptop publicly available?

Look forward to your answers.

Laptop: hp pavilion 15-bc210nd
OS: windows 10 64 bit