i am wondering if the core2duo cpu would work in an hp pavilion a1616n computer?
also, would the 2.4ghz core2duo e6600 even be better than the stock pentium d 2.8ghz?
would it overheat with the core2duo?
The pentium D was built on the old P4 architecture. The upgrade would be more powerful, draw less power and produce less heat.

Since the new processor will come with a heatsink to match, you will not need to use your old one and worry about overheating.

This is your motherboard:

Chipset (the 410):

The chipset itself is listed as supporting Core 2 processors. However, this is an OEM computer. This means the support could be limited by the bios to the support listed on HP's website in the link above. OEMs do not provide bios updates. There is a chance it would work though, but I cannot guarantee it.


Apr 7, 2006
You actually can get ECS support for this board....

You can try flashing it with the latest BIOS (sort of the riskiest part) and see if it helps:

I say TRY the chip with the latest HP bios. Then try it with the Packard Bell bios. I don't think it will work, but I don't think it will kill the chip or the system.

It might be worth thinking about getting a new motherboard for that chip. It would be a huge jump for about $40 since you got a Free CPU. But can you run PC-3200 on a modernish G31?