Question HP Pavilion Elite HPE-210y is stuck on fresh boot ?


Aug 19, 2018
Hi All,
I have an HP Pavilion Elite HPE-210y (BK170AA-ABA) desktop PC. Fresh install of Windows 10, latest updates. When you first press the power button, it comes up to the Windows 10 logo where the circle is suppose to be spinning but it doesn't spin and will just sit there. I have to hold the power button to power it off again, then press the power button again, and Windows 10 will finally load.

I know the computer is old and should be replaced, but I'm not at the point with this one yet.
My thought was to try a bios update, but I can't find a bios anywhere for this. The bios is out of date, there is a new one from what I can see others posting on threads.
Anyone have any ideas of a fix or where to get an updated bios?

BIOS Revision: 5.05 10/26/09
Core Version: 08.00.15
Model Number: HPE-210y
Product Number: BK170AA-ABA
Build ID: A1NAv6PrA6