HP Pavilion p7-1154 GPU upgrade


Dec 26, 2012
Hello i have a HP Pavilion p7-1154 and i am looking to upgrading my gpu. I am not sure what GPU will be compatible and whether or not they will be any bottle necking. I looking to installing a nvidia gts 450 from my friends alien ware PC as he just recently upgraded but im not sure whether it will work with me PC.


it will work only if your pc's power supply has a 6 pin pcie connector for the graphics card. if it doesnt it wont work. in that case you have two options. option no 1 is to upgrade your power supply and keep the gts 450 or option no 2 keep the power supply and get a 7750 amd radeon which does not require any connectors and also its more powerful and consumes less power than 450