Hp Pavilion slimline s3400t graphics card replacement


Nov 13, 2009
The graphics card Nvidia GeForce 8500GT died.
I need either a new one or a replacement card.
I cannot find a replacement because it is a slimline card and i cannot find a replacement that fits (it is actually the metal bracket that will not fit)

I need help can anyone help.

It needs to have at least one HDMI port.


Many low-profile cards on newegg are by default configured for a full size system, but the metal bracket is removable and most low-profile cards come with a low-profile bracket.

Go to Newegg video cards.
Click on Power Search.
The third category down is Form Factor - select both Low-Profile and Low-Profile ready.
The next option down is Interface - If you have an AGP slot, select AGP, if you have PCI-Ex16 slot, select both PCI Express 1.0 x16 and PCI Express 2.0 x16
Further down is the HDMI option. Select 1 x HDMI

Now click search and you see a list of graphic cards that meet your requirements. If you look at the images for these cards, you'll see the low-profile bracket is generally included.

-Wolf sends

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