HP Pavilion won\'t power up.


Sep 10, 2012
I turned my HP Pavilion a620n off when I went on vacation, when I got home and tried to turn it back on by pushing the button on the front, nothing happened, tried new power supply cord, new power outlet, and nothing has happened, right at first a small green light was coming on, on the back, but now not even that, but I have unplugged every accessory so that may be the reason for that. I have the side cover and the front covers off and I have examined the mother board and there are no leaks the capacitors look fine. Is there a power switch? the gray box where the button is doesn't look like much of a switch and I have followed the wires around to the board and have unplugged and plugged back in. Still nothing. Was working just fine till I turned it off for a week. I need it back up to retrieve data, otherwise it is old and I will replace it. Thanks for any help that you might can give me. Judy