Question HP Pavillion power (bc406tx) repair possible?

karthik ch

Apr 24, 2015
TLDR : I've broken a PCB and ribbon socket that has something to do with powering on the laptop. Is it possible to fix the broken ribbon cable socket or if I can find a replacement PCB?

So listen guys...
There was a problem with my cooling fans. While I was trying to open the back panel to see what was wrong with it... I accidentally broke a piece of the PCB beside the battery.. Shown in the images.

I've highlighted in RED, the ribbon cable connector that was broken off from the PCB

The PCB itself seems have the power button connection on it along with the USB ports. I got the connector soldered onto the PCB again but I still can't power the laptop on.

I've highlighted in white, the power button PCB

When I first broke it, I tried to hold the broken connector socket in place on the PCB and the laptop would turn on, after being soldered back on... It's not turning on at all, even when the laptop is plugged in.

Could you give any suggestions to fix this.. Or if I can find a replacement PCB for the broken one for this laptop.

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