Question HP Prebuild with 3060 Ti and i5 11th gen at 1150euros. Good price per value?

Nov 5, 2021
Hi everyone,

I'm new here and lately I've been searching for the perfect all rounder desktop for my 1200-1300 euro budget. I plan to use it for university/programming/working/gaming and what I found was this HP prebuild: HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop PC - TG01-2708ng. Its normal price is 1300 euro but as a student I get 12% off, making it 1150.

It has:
3060 Ti 8GB DDR6 with LHR
2x8 DDR4 2933MHz of RAM
512GB NVMe M.2 SSD and SATA-HDD 1 TB
500W Bronze power supply

or via link (sorry, it's in german):

The thing is, GamersNexus review a similar prebuild from HP, that one having the 2060S, 10th gen i5 and 32GB of RAM but for1430$ and it the build quality from HP side was sketchy., thus giving me some doubts about it.
In Europe, the GPU market is more expensive than in the US, I could only find the 3060 Ti at about 750-800 euros, so the total value of this PC is 60% given by the GPU.

Do you guys think it is a good deal for an all rounder desktop?

Thanks for reading (and opinions) and have a nice one! ;)