HP Printer Solution Center Software


Feb 25, 2008
Not sure if this is the right area to put this, or not. I have an HP PSC1350 All-In One printer. I built a new system, and put Vista Premium 32bit on it. Plugging the printer in, the drivers were installed automatically, and it works just fine; including scanning. I noticed though that some of the features of my printer are no longer available like checking ink levels, cleaning print heads, etc. When I tried installing the HP software, it errors out after about 95% done. This when running in compatibility mode for XP.

I've done numerous searches on this, and it seems like other people have the same problem. The HP website is pretty useless since the only thing they have for Vista download is a basic Diag Utility. Since my printer/scanner is working fine, this isn't too big a deal, but I do miss the HP Toolbox when I was running XP. My printer is over 5 years old, so could it just be that Vista can only handle basic functionality for this? Thanks.
Seems HP dropped support for the toolbox in VISTA and instead just uses the in-OS driver Here is a page with some instructions and a few suggestions for work arounds For Example :

Limited access to the HP Toolbox

From the program you are using to print:

Click File , and then click Print .
Click the button that opens the Properties dialog box:
Depending on the software program, this button might be Properties , Options , Printer Setup , Printer , or Preferences .
Click the Features tab, and then click Printer Services . The HP Toolbox opens.