Question HP ProBook 450 G0 web camera missing in device manager ?


Recently revived HP ProBook 450 G0 laptop (made circa 2014) used 2 years ago and discovered that web camera does not respond in programs anymore. It does not appear in device list as well either.
  • In Windows 10 (builds 2004 till 21H2) webcam is not visible in Device Manager as camera device, both visible or hidden and also does not appear as unknown device.
  • Manual Windows 10 x64 camera driver installation, provided for this laptop model by HP, does not change anything.
  • In Linux, Mint 19.3 and 20.2 camera does not appear in dmesg log. v4l-tools installing does not help as well. /dev/video0 is still absent.
Webcam in both Linux and Windows 10 was still functional 2 years ago. For sure at today I replaced camera module in laptop. Webcam still doesn't appear in Windows and Linux. Particular laptop though wasn't abused with water or other liquid substances or dropped. Display cable assembly gone bad? Hidden camera kill switch tripped? Seen those in some laptops under fancy Fn key combinations. By HP manuals ProBook 450 line shouldn't have camera kill switches, but who knows. Any ideas?

FYI: External USB web cameras with this laptop works just fine. Should be something around camera hardware.