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Question HP probook 450 G6 - heat and manual fan control

Apr 23, 2020
My ProBook goes up as high as 65~75 Celsius degrees when using my everydays (word + visio + youtube on Microsoft edge)

BIOS management for fan is worrying so I installed Notebook FanControl - using ProBook 450 G1 profile.

So my question is;
how bad is it to use the app and have fan control manually adjusted on 75~100% depending on what I'm doing?

Will it destroy the fan or should I leave the bios to manage fans?
Side note: when bios manages fan speed I can feel the heat even on the keyboard near the fans and they are making no noise, like not even surpassing 30%.

My variation specs:
8gb ram - ddr4
core i7 8565u

Edit: I keep it plugged in all the time, and I selected in the bios that it will be plugged which limited battery to 80%
I may sound new to this, because I am.. this is my first laptop ever so sorry if I'm too dumb!
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Feb 25, 2020
65~75 c is fine , throttling is more 85-99c territory. I mean if you are not gaming on the laptop and temps stay below 80c its okay you will not lose any performance.

Also using notebook fancontrol wont harm anything, your fan wont instantly die from running 100% all the time, maybe it lasts 1 year less but we are talking about many working years here.