Question HP Probook 4530S Shutting down

Jan 26, 2022
Hi everyone!
I couldn't find someone with similar problem so i posted a new thread.

So my HP laptop 4530s pro book is shutting down randomly, when i try to power it up. When i press power button it flickers, the fan gets loud for few seconds then spins normally, and i see hp logo. It tries to boot windows 10 but shuts down. Sometimes it boots windows and i can access desktop and then it shuts down. Sometimes it shuts down when i press the power button. Sometimes it constantly powers on and off like something is shorted. Things i've tried:

  • remove battery, and insert again. Tried to run laptop without battery, AC only. Nothing.
  • Tried to run laptop wuthout AC, only on battery, nothing.
  • swapped RAM slots, and remove ram, nothing.
  • remove HDD, nothing.
Still same problem, powers on and off again.
I'm out of ideas, could it be that some capacitor is making short? I've checked AC Adapter with multimeter, but its 19.5 volts, so the AC is not culprit, and i doubt its adapter port on laptop because it does the same on battery. Battery is good from what i can tell it can hold. What else can i check with multimeter? I have already dissasembled the laptop but don't know where to look because i don't have extended knowledge about electronics.

Thank you all in advance for help.