[SOLVED] HP ProBook 455 G2 flashes light but wont turn on

Jan 1, 2020
I have a 2013-2014 HP ProBook 455 G2 and i had this problem about 2 years ago. Then i didnt know where to get help now i found this place so i hope someone could help me.
So one day i was playing games and i shut down down my pc, but then i couldnt use my charger and i didnt play for like a week, then when i got the charger back and i tried turning it on it just didnt do anything. I went to my nearest tech specialist and he said "Its not worth to buy new parts just better buy a new one" so then i didnt know what to do, to buy new parts or just buy a new laptop.
Now i was wondering if its problem was repairable normaly or do i have to just get new parts, so now im wondering if its a just repairable problem by myself that someone could help me out.
Any help or information is apreciable.
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