Question HP ProBook 455 g7 random rebooting

May 12, 2023
I've recently gotten my hands on an HP ProBook 455 g7 laptop (product code 2D242EA#BED) which has pretty severe, unpredictable and difficult to diagnose rebooting issue. The laptop will randomly and seemingly without any consistent cause reboot without warning or BSOD.

The laptop has the following specifications:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4700U
GPU: AMD Radeon Graphics
Memory: 16 GB DDR4-SDRAM
Storage: 120GB M.2 NVME SSD (swapped from factory 512GB during troubleshooting)
Operating System: Windows 11 (according to previous troubleshooter problem appears with Linux as well)

Here are my findings over a week or so of intermittent troubleshooting:
  • The issue gets worse when the laptop is plugged into power. When plugged in, it'll get stuck in a reboot loop before even getting to the Windows login screen. When not plugged in, the reboots happen anywhere from a few seconds into the login screen or some time into using it normally. If the power cable is plugged in while the computer is on, it'll reboot immediately.
  • The reboots don't happen in BIOS, HP's UEFI diagnostics tool or Windows' boot recovery.
  • The only Windows event connected to the issue seems to be that "the shutdown was unexpected".
  • Attempting to uninstall display drivers with DDU causes a reboot without fail, in safe mode or otherwise. This occurs even when the option to "Clean and do NOT restart".
  • The issue is inconsistent in severity: previous troubleshooter reported laptop rebooting after ~30 minutes of Youtube videos. When I received it, the laptop would work for 6-8 hours before rebooting and would work for a few hours even when plugged in. Now it's rebooting almost constantly, especially when plugged into power (see point 1).
  • Sometimes after a reboot, the laptop will state there's no boot device and that an operating system should be installed. This resolves itself on next startup.
  • When the laptop (when not plugged in) reboots, it will reboot more often until shut down by pressing and holding the power button. This causes the reboots to stop for a longer time until it happens again.
  • This issue probably wasn't present for some time after the laptop was bought, otherwise it would've been fixed under warranty.
Troubleshooting steps already taken:
  • HP diagnostics all pass, both in Windows and in UEFI diagnostics tool.
  • CPU and GPU benchmarks don't cause a shutdown. Thermal throttling works as expected.
  • Memory was reseated.
  • SSD was switched out for a new one, which was reseated as well.
  • Motherboard eyeball-checked for any obviously bad components.
  • Internals cleaned of dust and lint.
  • Fast Startup turned off.
  • Different power cable used.
  • DDU to remove display drivers (always causes reboot, drivers aren't removed).
  • WLAN disabled in BIOS. Did this because it was rebooting instantly on login screen even in "safe mode with networking". This seemingly stopped the reboots on login screen, but I've since re-enabled it and it isn't rebooting on login screen :cautious:
Any advice on furthers steps I could take to resolve the issue would greatly appreciated. I really hope it isn't the motherboard that's irreparably faulty although I'm slowly and painfully moving towards that conclusion.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

According to what you've stated above, it might very well be the motherboard being faulty however you didn't state if the laptop's BIOS was pending any updates.

Operating System: Windows 11
Maybe try and reinstall the OS but in offline mode. Then manually install all drivers for your laptop in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.