Question HP ProBook 4730s w/ Intel HD Graphics not allowing full resolution.


Dec 25, 2013
I am having an issue with my ProBook. I am running Windows 10 64-bit. I believe the Radeon graphics on the ProBook have gone, the Laptop wound not wake from sleep mode, it would take a 4 min black screen during boot and the screen kept flashing black. I disabled GPU switching in the bios and disabled the Radeon graphics and all the previous issues have gone. I am now running the Intel HD Graphics 3000 however the ProBook will no longer run at full resolution. The largest available resolution is 1024 x 768 opposed to the 1600 x 900 it was running before disabling the GPU. I have installed the drivers needed for the Intel graphics but it unfortunately has fixed nothing. I have downloaded Intel control panel but it seems to refuse to even run on the system. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am not sure how to get the resolution back without enabling all the issues again.