Hp probook duel hard drives


Oct 13, 2011
I have recently replaced my optical drive with another hard drive because I want to use this computer as a mobile DAW when I deploy. The computer recognized it just fine, however, when the computer goes to sleep mode, when I reset, or shut-down, the screen goes black and it stays that way. I can hear the drives shut down like they are supposed to, but the power button is still lit. It starts up fast and perfectly and all programs run perfectly. When I plug the optical drive back in the expansion slot, every thing works normal. So I am assuming that the computer is still looking for the optical drive and its not able to find what it needs to be able to sleep, reset, or shut-down properly.
The main errors I see in event viewer are "hpdskflt" and "bthusb"(which I doubt is the cause) and "the following boot-start drivers failed to load:cdrom"
I have looked for answers anywhere, if someone can help I would greatly appreciate it-Dave