Question Hp ProLiant ML110 G6 (Server) - Intel Xeon x3430- Not Running At Full Turbo Boost Speed.

Oct 12, 2019
Hey. So I've got a Hp ProLiant ML110 G6 Server which has an Intel Xeon x3430 CPU and Nvidia Quadro 2000 GPU , so I tried to twak some settings on BIOS , activated the 'Turbo Boost' setting on BIOS and according to Intel's page ( which says it could be boosted to max 2.8Ghz with 'Turbo Boost' but I can't really get it beyond 2526.62-2527.00 MHz ( It always stays at that speed, it never changes even a single Mhz. The temps are usually low but never gets more than 66C Degrees at full load with "Aida - System Stability Test" but usually It doesn't go more than 55C. So I do understand that this is a server and servers can't get overclocked. But I've seen someone successfully managed to get it at 3.3Ghz in the same exact server but with a little different cpu; Intel Xeon 3440 with a program called RWEverything that can help you change manually the PLL chip's bits values basically at the Clock Generator chip which leads to 'Overclocking of the cpu'. I'm not really tryna get 3.3Ghz speed but at least 2.8 Ghz or 3.0Ghz stable or whatever it's stable for my own server. I've tried to use that Program but it just doesn't start up. I'm getting an error which says "Driver cannot be loaded, re-install the program may fix the issue" in that program , tried every single version in their official site but none of them works it even starts up it still gives some errors. That guy already managed to get it 3.3Ghz changing these bits values of the PLL Chip also the PLL Chip model is already found for Hp ProLiant M110 G6 Server by that guy, which I guess it is this one "cv183-2a" ( ). There's the link of that post:" View:
". Also here's some test I did for 10 minutes with Aida's System Stability Test: Any help would greatly be appreciated!