HP PSC 2110 + iMac + PC



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My new (marked refurbished) HP PSC 2110 is successfully connected to my
iMac running OSX 10.3 via a USB port. All functions work well.

The iMac is networked to my HP Pavilion 514n (running Windows XP) via a
DSL router. Under this arrangement I was previously able to print to my
old HP Deskjet 648c (connected to the iMac as the PSC 2110 now is) from
the PC. But I am unable to now print from the PC via the network to the
PSC 2110.

I have downloaded and installed the XP PSC 2110 printer drivers several
times. But every time I try to install the printer on the PC (via the
'Add Printer' function) the utility complains I do not have the
required driver software. The highest number driver offered (using the
'Have Disk' option) is a PSC 950.

Can someone help me? I want to be able to print from the PC to the PSC
2110 as I was previously able to do easily with the Deskjet 648c.


Sorry I can't help you but maybe you can help me. I can't get the 648C to print from my iMac 10.4.11. How did you get it to run?