Question HP Spectre Potential Overheating?

Feb 2, 2021
Hi all,
I've recently had a swollen battery repaired by HP. This had caused damage to the outer-casing of the laptop as well as the touchpad/keyboard.
I've been trying to identify the cause so I can reduce the chance of this happening again.
It appears that overheating may be a cause of such.
I have been checking my notebook's temperature since repair.
It has been idling between 55-70 degrees Celcius. When using certain applications, it reached temperatures of 85-90+.
I performed a thermal stress test, and these were my results:
Start Temperature: 71, 69, 64, 64, 62, 62, 61, 61
End Temperature: 87, 87, 87, 88, 84, 84, 88, 88
I have undertaken the recommended procedures: cleaning vents, checking for updated BIOS/drivers, ensuring space and a hard surface etc.
Is this reason for concern? I don't know how else to reduce my notebook's temperature even when it is hardly utilising the CPU.


Hi there,

Like all/most laptops with high end parts, they run hot. I've a HP Omen 15. Similar laptop as yours.

Do you have the Omen Gaming Hub app? If so, look under the performance section. There are 3 options there you can choose from which will affect the heat output from CPU, and help run things cooler.

Also in the new Gaming Hub, HP has allowed users to undervolt their CPU's. This is a sure fire way to reduce temps.

You could also use Throttlestop or Intel XTU to undervolt. A good laptop cooling pad is a good idea for modern high core count laptops.

You could laso look at replacing thermal paste on the CPU/GPU, which can have a huge impact in idle/load temps.