Question HP Spectre X360 15t won't stay turned off unless I press & hold the power button ?

Jul 9, 2021
OK, some background on my issue to start with,

So i've had this laptop since late November/ early December of 2017 and last Sunday I went to put it to sleep (as I have done THOUSANDS of times before, since I use Sleep mode so I can keep my browsers and everything loaded up and can resume where I left off at each time I need to move locations between work and home and other places) and the computer appeared to go into sleep mode but as I went to put it in my bag the light came back on, the laptop had RESTARTED (not woken from sleep but actually restarted), then I try the Shutdown and it appears to shutdown but then again after several seconds it restarts again, the only way I have managed to actually turn off the computer and get it to stay off is to press and hold the power button until the computer shuts off and then continue holding for several more second (till it's been long enough that it would have restarted).

The only thing I can think that I tried to do between the last time it went into sleep mode and when this all started was that I tried pairing my new Android Smartphone via Bluetooth and it didn't wanna connect and listed my phone in the list of bluetooth devices twice even though it said it couldn't pair it.

Now for the steps I have taken to attempt to fix this:

  • Tried Disabling Fast Startup
  • Tried Deleting the Phone from Bluetooth Devices
  • Tried Disabling Bluetooth completely
  • Tried Updating Windows
  • Tried Updating Drivers (have done probably half of them at this point)
  • Did a BIOS Update
  • Did a BIOS update for one of the components in the machine (I'm not sure but it may have been the camera and it did shutdown correctly during the reboot for that BIOS update)
  • Tried Resetting Windows (while keeping my files)
  • Tried Resetting Windows (without keeping files)
  • Tried removing one memory stick and booting off just one memory stick, then swapped and tried with the other memory stick (to rule out a faulty memory stick)
  • Tried disconnecting the battery and running completely off of wall power in case a battery short was causing the restart.
I don't know what else to do at this point, does anyone here have any ideas?

Edit: Just tried booting to safe mode to see if the computer would shutdown from safe mode (figuring this might rule out a driver issue) and still restarted after shutdown so I don't feel like it's a driver issue.
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