HP Technical Support and Products Unreliable


Nov 3, 2006
I just bought a brand new Pavillion dv6000 notebook, and not only is the power supply faulty in some way that they did not fix when I sent it in for repair last week, but the software installed on the computer when I got it doesn't work properly even after recovering the system several times, and the Matshita UJ-850S sucks too--hasn't worked since I bought the computer.

HP technical support is horrible, completely useless, and they keep me going in circles. After a month and a half of working within their avenues of support, I've gotten absolutely nowhere, and I'm feeling more and more like I'm stuck with this computer that does not work properly.

I've talked to my "Quality Case Manager" who said that I couldn't get a refund or a new computer even though my computer is still in its 1-year warranty, and even though I can prove that I've been on the phone and in online chat sessions with HP since three days after I took the computer out of the box trying to address the various problems. When I mentioned that it was not acceptable to force me to continue dealing with a product that was defective from the beginning, she patronized me saying, "You just don't like the options available to you."

As far as I see it, they are in breach of contract. When they sell a product, implicit in the act is a warranty from the second the consumer gets the product that it should work as it is intended to work. I'm no lawyer, but this language on consumer rights seems pretty clear. Of course, I'm just a little peon, so what can I possibly do about it?

If anyone is having the same problem, email me. Maybe we can get together on this and do something about HP's shitty service. Or start a viral video...

Bottom line--if you are thinking of buying an HP, don't risk the very likely chance that you will be playing phonetag and negotiating with a drone who cares nothing at all about giving quality customer service, and who places responsibility on you for fixing your own worthless machine.


Nov 30, 2008
I have purchased a hp desktop not sure of the model about 2 weeks ago and it ran fine until the motherboard or ram fried I am mailing out come Monday but I feel like a dumb ass for buying this product and I would not reccomned it to anyone take my advice do not buy a hp they are a poor excuse for a computer.