HP Upgrades ElitePad Tablet with 64-bit, 4G, Better Screen

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K2N hater

Sep 15, 2009
Ridiculously overpriced for an Atom tablet. I can't stand a corporation such as HP having a decent product doomed because their investors fail to see the consumer is not going to prefer a Atom over Dell's i3 in such a similar price range.


Sep 20, 2012
How is this better than a $500-600 model? WINTEL has to get pricing in line with the rest of the world or android/arm will just keep kicking their butts. Starting at $739, means that's the 64GB model and without the "optional pen" etc, maybe not even the modem on the low end model (they aren't really clear ALL models have 4G, or just optional?). This stinks like Surface pricing. You can do better unless you have to have WINTEL.

HP site shows "Control wireless connection, including optional3 4G LTE,1 with HP Connection Manager. "
So is it an optional modem? So $739 doesn't come with it? REALLY overpriced in that case even as a business model. In that case you're clearly paying for Win8.1/Intel here. If you don't need WINTEL apps save your money and buy android/arm. At this price why wouldn't you just buy a REAL 13-17in laptop? For $100 more you can get an i5, decent discrete card etc in it. Heck an AMD APU would blow this away and probably come in at $600 far more powerful. I don't get the Wintel pricing model on mobile. Wise up or get run over by android/arm. If you continue to charge a WINTEL desktop premium on your tablet products, expect people to go ARM/Android even more massively than they do now.

This market won't take $130 windows lics and intel cpu pricing. It comes with Win8 pro (clearly over $739 for PRO) or win8.1 regular (must be the $739 model). It's probably $780-800 for Win8.1 PRO model. MS is supposedly cutting prices for the OS on low end stuff up to 70% so maybe they're getting the message slowly :) $130 OS will always lose to FREE on a device not worth much more than the OS...LOL. In the price sensitive low end, they had better lower the price to $20-30 or they will never sell to $300 and under crowds. If you don't stop the low-end from piling up massive numbers they will eventually take over a lot of stuff. Witness the $200-300 chromebooks stealing 21% of ALL notebooks already. That's very bad for WINTEL especially considering how limited they are still. Once 64bit, memory>4GB & discrete cards are in PC type cases the apps will follow game devs (who are already at 60% making games for android, xbox1/ps4 have less than 13% planning anything).
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