Question Hp Workstation Z240 - Rx 580

Jul 1, 2022
Hello, before i start explaining everything i am really sorry for my bad english.

Not so long ago i found out that older HP Workstation's are pretty cheap for what they offer. I have found a local around a Z240 Workstation and i have a question. To start of i found out that rx 580's (8gigs) are also really cheap and everything combined it'll cost around 240$ which is insane price to performance ratio. My question is: What i have found out that the motherboard has a 6pin instead of an 24pin and an pci-e 6pin. Which the rx 580 needs an 8 pin, the first thing that came up to my mind is to buy a double six pin to an 8 pin connector and double sata to six pin. Yes i know its complicated and so how much sata cables are on the stock psu?

Thanks Alot.