Question HP Z6 G4 with RTX 3090 to run MSFS - - what about CPU & RAM requirements ?

May 23, 2023
Hi All,

I'm planning to build a PC for MSFS for flying training purpose. Wondering if the HP Z6 G4 Workstation will be a good choice as a PC with RTX 3090 GPU. I'm not sure about the processor and ram requirements.

Xeon Gold 6134 8 cores 3.2Ghz or Xeon Platinum 6162 24 cores 1.9Ghz ? With one will be better ? or maybe try to find some i7 or i9 ?

RAM also few options 32,48 and 96 GB PC-4

I've plan to connect two monitors main 49" ultra wide Samsung with g-sync for cockpit and the second one simple 1080p monitor for GPS and instruments. Hope the both monitors can be connected from the RTX3090 with no issues ?

I'm no asking about the storage of course I will use the NVMe M.2

Any thoughts if this will be good setup to run the MSFS full details ?

Thank You,
I'd go with the 6134 with its 8 cores at over 3 GHz. MSFS will be hurt by the 24 core's slower speed (It won't use anywhere near all 24 cores). That is still an older chip design (Equal to the Intel 8000-series).

For RAM, 32 GB should be enough.

If the monitors have displayport, they should be fine.
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