Question hp z600 psu issues using an atx psu atx 24 pin male to male extension?

Jun 2, 2019
So I bought a refurbished hp z600 off newegg in 2014.
I've had it in storage and now the power supply is dead.
I just got a new corsair 650 watt psu to replace it.
I opened up the z600 and pulled out the old psu. The original
psu appears to be a proprietary form factor for this specific model.
As a result the standard atx psu doesn't fit in the body/chassis
and it also doesn't have the proper connectors.

It looks like I need an adapter that will change the 24 pin
female pins from the corsair into 24 pin male. I also
need an adapter that will change the 8 pin female on the corsair
into 14 pin male. With both such adapters I think I would
be able to use the corsair power supply, however I would
also need to remove the CD/DVD reader/burner unit to make
room for the corsair psu.

This seems like a lot of work and I'm not even sure it would work.
I also got a new SSD to replace the old HDD as the old one was
8 years old.

I've looked and can't find the right adapters anywhere and
I'm really frustrated.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make this work/where the right
adapters are?

I looked for the same psu as the original online and can only find
refurbished ones for the same cost as I paid for a brand new corsair plus
an internal SSD and wifi USB dongle ($140). It seems absurd to buy a refurb psu
for that much when I know it will fail within a year.

I hate hp and also hate apple at this point. Both have failed me
many times over the years.

I'm using my work laptop, which is a thinkpad, to post this.
I'm leaning strongly toward throwing the hp z600
into a dumpster really hard so it shatters as much as possible
and then just buying a thinkpad E480.
From what I can tell the E480 is a tiny beast that runs
very stable and is powerful enough to run an external monitor and
several apps at the same time flawlessly. We're talking
20 tabs in Chrome, photoshop and illustrator, slack, and evernote
all at the same time with no lag whatsoever. The fan is loud sometimes
but only kicks on intermittently.

The specs for the hp z600 are:

Dual intel xeon e-5650 6 core processors (2.6 mhz)
24 GB of ECC RAM
2 TB HDD (upgrading to 240GB SSD if it's worth it)
EVGA Geforce GTX 750 ti GPU 2 GB

It has multiple hard drive bays plus the cd/DVD reader/burner.

It could have been a dream machine but it's just a disappointment.
Jun 2, 2019

Unfortunately I think I'm just returning the psu and parts I bought.
Looking at it now I would have to remove the entire CD/DVD bay to make room
for the new corsair psu. To do this I'd need a special screwdriver
and might have to pry some metal hinges as the entire mount/metal part
of the mount needs to be removed, not just the slide out bays.

If I managed to do this there still leaves the question
of how to secure the new psu in the chassis.

It would also be goofy as f#$k to have the computer
with a power cord running out the front and monitor cable
and peripherals running out the back.

Probably not a worthwhile project, but thanks for the
quick reply!

I think I'm just going to drop the computer off at saver's as a donation and
return the parts I bought.
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