Question HP Zbook 15 G2 Black Screen when shutdown/restart and Blink Error


Apr 28, 2019
Hi, I am having some problems with the said laptop.

1. Whenever I turned it on, there are white blinking lights appearing on the caps lock and num keys. It blinked five times. Performed a hard reset by removing the charger, battery and all the devices attached, holding down the power button for 15 seconds. Reset all BIOS settings to default. Powered on again and it boots normally.

2. The computer was given a cd rom replace with a used 1TB hard drive, I think I didn't turned it off properly. After the upgrade, the computer did a blue screen. I did not take a picture of the error. Then I gave a force restart to see if my drive was detected. It's fine until after everytime attempted to shutdown / restart, the screen will stay black. The power light and fans are running. Forced shutdown. Repeated the procedure in problem 1.

3. Even with memory tests, hard drive error check, DISM check, there are no signs of error.

4. I am guessing that I might need to replace the motherboard? On the HP website blink code reference, it means system board failure.

My laptop specs:
Intel Core i7-4910MQ
16 GB Micron RAM
256GB Lexar SSD
Quadro K110M