Question HP Zbook 15 G3 screen replacement/upgrade

Oct 15, 2021
I have an HP Zbook 15 G3 which I'm very happy with except for the screen, which has poor contrast an viewing angles.

Based on the service manual, HP had no less than 5 different screen options for this model originally, some available as the full assembly and some available as the "raw" panel only:

Display assembly (Touch screen; FHD, UWVA; includes webcam) 848265-001
Display assembly (Non-touch; UHD, UWVA)
Non-touch, without webcam 848257-001
Non-touch, with webcam 848258-001
Display panel (Non-touch; FHD)
SVA 848255-001
UWVA 848256-001

I believe what I have currently is the lowest-tier non-touch SVA FHD 848255-001. I don't really care about touchscreen nor 4k but would like to upgrade to a better quality FHD display, so my preferred option would be the UWVA FHD 848256-001.

My difficulty is trying to find a reputable seller - I already tried one eBay seller advertising a "UVWA IPS" panel and what I received was neither, it had the "classic" viewing angle problems of most TN panels.

Does anyone know of a reputable sources where I could be sure I'm getting a high-quality replacement for the UWVA 848256-001 part? Would I be more likely to get a quality part if I look for one of the touchscreen or UHD (4k) part numbers?