Info HP Zbook G2 series shows promising results w/ Toshiba's new RC100 2242 drives! ZDrive Turbo alternative, non NVMe boot

Sugar Kaine Mostly

Jun 19, 2015
I've posted in the forums before regarding solutions or problems for my G2 Zbook 15 and M.2 alternatives.

For us G2 Zbook users or any other future enthusiasts know this:

There's no firmware update or support for the G2 Zbook series using NVMe for BOOT! That doesn't mean that the G2 Zbook won't recognize an NVMe drive in general Windows operation. I recently purchased the Toshiba RC100 240GB drive to replace the ZDrive Turbo drive (Sandisk A110) contracted for HP. Of course the read and write speeds exceed the Z Drive Turbo, but I'd say about 15% increase from the RC100 series.

Here's my setup for Video Editing which works great for my needs.

M.2 Slot : RC100 Toshiba 240Gb NVMe (I use this drive for special 4K video needs, scrubbing). I'll probably upgrade to the 480GB drive.
SATA3 slot: Samsung EVO 860 120GB for Windows 10 boot and Adobe Creative Suite.
Advanced Docking Station SATA3 slot: Seagate SSHD FireCuda 2TB 7200 RPM, keeping most of my video files and scratching here.

This is very nice workflow!

Many of us G2 Zbook drive owners were never really fond of the proprietary 2260 Drives sold from HP direct. There were also third party Drives from Trascend or DogFish, but those chips aren't as good as Toshiba's RC100 series.

Here are some comparison pics of my original Z Drive Turbo 256gb A110 Sandisk vs Toshiba's RC100 240Gb NVMe series just recently released.

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