News HPE Issues Patch to Stop SSDs From Bugging Out After 40,000 Hours

This bug raises some awkward questions. For example, why was a time counter set for 40K power-on hours? What did the designer intend to happen at this milestone? Was the SSD supposed to go into some kind of "end-of-life" mode?

I have examined these firmware patches here:

AFAICT, both the Dell and HP SSDs are OEM versions of SanDisk's Lightning Eco Gen. II SAS SSDs. WD/SanDisk has issued its own patch, but it's not easy to find. In fact when I examined the payload, I discovered numerous references to Huawei. This led me to wonder whether Huawei was the actual manufacturer, or perhaps Huawei was an OEM and WD mistakenly released Huawei OEM firmware into its retail channel.

Even stranger is the 32768 hour bug which affects HP OEM SSDs but not Dell or Samsung (who is the original manufacturer):

Here is a user who has lost 4 x Samsung PM1633a 15.36TB SSDs all at once: View:

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I suspect that Samsung's retail versions of the same drive are also affected by the same bug, but Google turns up nothing.

The SSD in the reddit thread appears to be an OEM HP model. However, it's not clear whether this model number was one of those listed in HP's bulletin.
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