HTC Brings Vive Wave Platform Stateside Ahead of Vive Focus Headset


Oct 22, 2016
Thanks for that explanation Bit User. Really interesting stuff. I’ve been trying to figure out the differences between RISC and CISC, ARM and x86 tonight—in the broadest sense—because the apparent power of this new a12X has made me wonder wtf is actually going on wrt processor differences, since some of Apple’s claims don’t make sense to me.

I found an article saying that ARM’s highly touted Cortex A76 SoC, which won’t even exist in the flesh until sometime next year, will, best case, be able to compete with an i5-7300? If that’s the case, how can Apple’s current a12X be marketed as faster than almost all laptops, including some core i7 cpu’s?

Even if the a12X is really amazing, how long would it take Apple to build an ARM processor that can compete with Intel or AMD’s best i7/i9 and Ryzen 2 chips?

Would it even be worth the fight? Apple became the worlds first trillion dollar corporation purchasing processors from other companies... So it seems their competitive advantage (or energy and resources) are best spent designing the types of consumer products that have no rival in terms of hardware quality and UI and UX? I don’t know much about this stiff, but it’d be fascinating to hear some other opinions!


Heh, wrong thread. But I saw it anyway.

Don't worry about RISC vs. CISC. The terms have gotten muddled and don't mean as much as when they were originally coined.

Here are some good sites, if you like reading about the guts of modern CPUs: