HTC Puts $10 Million On The Table To Inspire VR Developers To Better The World

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Dec 10, 2014
Experiencing racism and bullying in VR could be one part in a more multi-faceted program to prevent such things.

Also, in a less emotionally charged way, I for one would be very curious about a VR like 360-video with overlays that take me into a mosque and let me 'participate' in a prayer sermon and various religious rituals, with text overlays that explain the various things that are happening. Something like this for all major religions would be pretty cool to open-minded and curious people, or even as a tool to make the 'scary unfamiliar' be less scary and more familiar! :)


VR's ability to foster greater empathy than other media will make it a powerful propaganda tool. I'm surprised we haven't been hearing more about this. It's a flip side of the same coin they're touting.

If you think youtube is a powerful recruiting tool for political movements & extremist groups, you ain't seen nothin', yet.

Just consider how many protests and movements, around the world, have been fueled by social media, in recent years. Now, think about what effect it would have to experience attacks, offenses, and injustices as if you were there. Not only that, but VR video can & will certainly be edited to serve the interests of someone, or maybe just trolls and anarchists.

I'm starting to think that social media might just fan the flames of the next world war. And, as if it weren't already dangerous enough, VR could be a potent accelerant.


Sep 13, 2013
I predict the main effect of VR will be masses of people will just be able to drop out of the real and pretend in the unreal, much like you can now with MMPORPGs, but likely with much more addictive pull. HTC is doing this to assuauge their own guilt and preempt any accusers. I predict VR will be a productivity back hole.
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