HTC Vive Just Dropped A Trove Of Vive Tracker Dev Resources, Vive Tracker Back In Stock

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Motion sickness is usually caused by a disparity between what you see and what your inner ear balance feels.
Your body figures this is likely caused by being poisoned, so makes you feel horrible so you throw up.
Running in place won't likely solve that, but good news is most people will get used to it with repeated exposure.


Feb 24, 2011

Yep read all that as well. I have always suffered from motion sickness so have read a lot about it.
However I have also read people reporting that even having an arm swing motion to simulate walking stops motion sickness in VR. It helps to trick the brain so the usual response to an disparity does not occur.
Walking in place would therefore have the same effect. It might of even been an article on this site that reported trying it. They used the vive controllers and walked in game by swinging the back and forth like you are power walking or something similar. No motion sickness on someone that claims to previously been unable to enjoy VR.
I've not tried personally so can not confirm.

I will say though that frame rate is most important. I had a i5 2500k + GTX970 and was suffering motion sickness in all titles I tried, usually within minutes. Upgraded to a i7 7700k + GTX 1080 and have now been able to play Arizona Sunshine for hours and only stopped because I was ready for a less intense experience (netflix). In fact I have not gotten motion sick a single time since the upgrade and I've put 100x more time into the Vive than I previously had due to the aforementioned reason.
Some of that improvement I would put down to getting more and more used to the experience though that was hard to train seeing as I was only able to play previously for several minutes before being sick. Mostly I put it down to my new PC with much greater frame rate consistency (less frame drops etc).
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