Question Huawei Band Tool 700mhz 4G Spectrum

I found this the last time you asked about this but didn't bother to post since you will need to confirm with the provider they have actually implemented 700mhz where you live. It tends to take time to roll these things out and the more remote you are the less they care about you.

They have links to the actual docs from huawei but they summarize them in this page also.

The issue is the device does not have the radio function to run on the 700mhz band. You need a different router. This is not something that can be upgraded with a script or a new firmware. It is a function set when the device is manufacture.

They likely have a new router you can buy that will support it.

Hard to say how fast it will be. 700mhz they have more issues using very dense data encoding and if they only really have a single 20mhz block that means they are going to have to split the transmit and receive data. Really fast LTE uses 2 different radio bands for transmit and receive.


Jul 28, 2023
Mobile network routers are always dependent on what the ISP provides much like a modem. You will need to contact your ISP.