Question Huawei Laptop keyboard issues


May 1, 2015
Hi all,

I have a Huawei Matebook D15 laptop and i'm facing a strange issue:

Resume: The integrated keyboard is working on the BIOS menu but not on any OS.


  • So the issue is that most of the keys are not working on Windows 10 or any Linxux distribution (DEBIAN and ARCH tested). The space key for example works;
  • If i boot a Linux distro, if i use the grub editor the keyboard works, if i boot completely (install or not) the keyboard does not work;
  • Already formatted Windows and no luck;
  • Already fully installed Debian and Arch distros and no luck;
  • Externall keyboard works fine in Windows and Linux distros;
  • In safe mode on Windows 10 keyboard does not work;
  • If i open CMD on recovery mode in Windows 10 keyboard works but every key i type, it adds ^ and its all in caps. Example: " T^Y^P^I^N^G^ T^E^S^T^ "
Let me know if i can provide you any more details.

With all the above said, does anyone have any clue of what is happening? I think that may not be hardware related...

Thank you all in advance.
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Vic 40

I think that may not be hardware related...
Since it works with an external keyboard might it well be that the keyboard is faulty.

You could look for latest software like this,
maybe an update would help.

Think it's not that old so would be good to contact their support and talk to them about your problem,