Question Huawei P20 Pro data lost / recovery options


Jan 31, 2014
hello guys,

something weird happend my phone was at my lil cousin hand and he was watching YouTube videos suddenly phone asked for password i entered my password the phone said wrong password locked for 30 minutes and restarted after 30 minutes the phone booted with all data and applications lost i dont know what happend and what i can do to get my data back

please advice what could had happened and how to recover my data and if it requires rooting


In order to get access a locked android phone, the only way is to reset it (remove all the existing apps and data) and that's what you probably did.

I hope you have not installed all the apps back again. If yes, it will be almost impossible to recover anything (because of overwriting and corruption)

I have been through the same situation a few months back and i ended up losing all my data.

Now, if your phone is not rooted, root it, and then download an app called Diskdigger or even better buy the pro version, run a deep scan and get the files recovered right on your phone. This is the best android tool you can try.

Otherwise look for a more reliable paid PC software. I had bad luck with Dr Fone Recovery software, but i got it from TPB may be that's why.

You can take help from youtube
or get your data recovered from by professionals.