Question Huawei router sending most of the bandwith to one device


Dec 21, 2015
I've been having a problem with my Internet recently, and while I thought it was the ISP, the truth seems to be far from it.

I have a Huawei HA35 router from T-com. What I've noticed is instead of the 4Mbit/s connection (Yes I know, Croatian speeds) I get 0.3 on all my devices EXCEPT my brother's Huawei phone AND my mother's Huawei phone. My samsung is having the same problem as my 2 PCs. Is it possible that the router is sending the bandwith exclusively to Huawei devices when they are online, because as soon as both phones disconnect I get the normal speeds on all devices
Maybe all the rumors about huawei having a hidden agenda are true :)

They would have to have secret code that favors huawei mac addresses. You could test this theory by using the feature in your ethernet nic that allows you to change the mac address. You could directly copy one of the phones mac addresses or you could copy the first 6 digits of a mac and then make up the rest.

Even if you asked how do I do this I would have said it is close to impossible. This would be done with QoS settings. You can give certain devices more bandwidth than others. BUT you have to put in the actual mac addresses not just a company. It is not something that would come configured from the factory.

I am not even sure if your router has the ability to configure QoS and I am too lazy to read the manual.