News Huawei Seeks Independence From the US With RISC-V and Ascend Chips


Huawei has launched its 7nm Ascend 910 artificial intelligence chip for data centers together with a new comprehensive AI framework MindSpore.
Launched, as in shipping? Who already has 7 nm EUV at production level? Samsung?

Tesla V100 416 mm^2
No, it's 815 mm^2. It's not exactly a fair comparison, given how much else the V100 does. Maybe the 416 number is an attempt to account for that.

The Ascent 910 serves as a neural processing unit for training AI models (as opposed to inference) in the data center
Well, the presence of int8 seems like at least a hedge.

Spring Crest does not have INT8, but it does support the young bfloat16 format
Because it's an actual training-focused chip.

Huawei’s launch schedule is currently not impacted by a US ban because the company already has obtained a license to the ARMv8 architecture.
Launch of which product, now? Does this thing have an embedded ARM core?

Anyway, the slides show that the boards have Intel Xeon server CPUs on them.

Even though ARM is a UK company
Japanese-owned, don't forget. And Japan recently seems very willing to restrict exports over trade & other disputes, for anyone who hasn't heard of the Japan/South Korea trade spat.