[SOLVED] Huge frametime dips

Jan 30, 2019
http://My frametime on the game “the forest” and “kerbal space program” will spike a lot, for “the forest” in msi afterburner it shows spikes occur every second or so, aswell as a complete dip in gpu usage and a smaller dip in cpu usage, this is becoming a problem so any help would be appreciated SPECS:https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/PxtwJ8
Use affinity to lock the game to one ccx (or use amd master game mode to do this) and also lock your clocks so it won't boost single cores higher then others.

Also if you really have three monitors try to disable two of them and play only on one to see if that helps any.
Jan 27, 2019
do you have a copy of windows 7?
because in my own experience
especially with the latest windows 10 build
I'm mostly 99% sure you won't have the same problem in windows 7
however you're more than welcome to waste your time trying to fix,tweaks,optimize
one of the most broken windows 10 build ever released
and I'm being testing every single windows 10 builds since win 10 came out
if you don't have windows 7 then you can try to fresh install the 1709 build
like I'm about to do now since the 1809 is a train of bugs ...!!!!