Question Huge lag in battlefield 5

Oct 10, 2019
Okay so just to start of its not just battlefield that i have problems with but ill use it as an example i guess. So when playing battlefield my overal fps is fine i get so many framedrops. Ive tried turning off vsync and lowering settings but i dont feel like its the settings. I think its my pc because i also have problems with some other games. Im no expert in pc's so i hope someone can help. I do however have a little thing that confuses me. My cpu's 'turbo boost' can reach 4ghz but whenever i use msi afterburner to check my speed its always at 2200 mhz. Battlefield requires a decent cpu so shouldnt my cpu automatically enable turbo boost when playinv the game? The usage is at 80% or close alot and i feel like the 2200mhz should move up. Anyways heres my specs and i really hope anyone can help. Btw it is a laptop but the temps are fine.
2*4gb ddr4 2666mhz
I5 8300h
Gtx 1060 max q
Ik that 8gb ram is minimum but when playing the ram usage stays below my max because im using some sort of ram clear thingy. So i dont think its the ram.


Jun 26, 2011
Intel turbo boost does not stay at the max rated turbo. It throttles down to a lower turbo on all cores as long as it's within the temperature tolerances. Since it's a laptop, you are likely being thermal throttled and cannot boost for very long because of that. Also, 2.2Ghz is 100Mhz lower than that CPUs base operating frequency. You could try getting a laptop cooling pad or external fan to help cool your laptop when playing games.