[SOLVED] Huge lagspikes in games over wifi

Apr 16, 2020
I need to use wifi because my house is old and hasn't been wired with ethernet cables and we dont have a long enough cable to connect just by laying it on the floor, and for the past 3-4 days i've been having huge lagspikes in every game I've been playing that connects to multiplayer. The 3 that I have tested thoroughly are League of Legends, Smite, and Rainbow Six Siege. All 3 have been showing big lagspikes at random intervals, sometimes every 10 seconds, sometimes a minute passes. The weird thing is that it happens in custom games, I tested custom games on league, smite, and r6, the former two against ai, and the latter against a friend (bc r6 doesnt have ai in customs), they all would show those lagspikes, but when i went to a practice mode for each game, no spikes happen, only in multiplayer and in custom matches.

I've checked for windows updates, geforce drivers, updated network adapter drivers, unplugged then replugged in the router, etc.... but nothing has worked and no, task manager has not shown anything taking up my network %, cpu and gpu levels are not out of the ordinary, so it's not that.

I would like to note that this only started to be extremely out of hand after we had a very bad thunderstorm, power went out for us for over 24 hours over sunday and monday of this week, but I also have all my pc power cables connected through a surge protector so I dont think it could have been a short..

I just moved my computer closer to my router so I can get a smaller ethernet cable down, and it worked wonders. Every game, multiplayer and customs worked like a charm, no lagspikes at all. However, I do wonder what could have caused the issue for wireless, as it hasn't been a problem until recently.