Hungry for SSD space on a laptop.....?


Feb 14, 2007
I have an Alienware M17xR4 which I use for editing photos from a Phase One XF (100mp files) and 4k video editing.

The M17xR4 has 1 mSata port, 2 hard drive bays and a blue ray burner. I also bult it out with the I7 and 32gb of ram when I ordered it back in 2012.

When the EVO 840 Pro mSATA's came down in price, I picked up the 1TB version for my boot drive. At that time I had 2x 750gb WD Black edition hard drives in raid 0 for backup of the large raw files and raw video.

Now in 2016, Un-Officially we know that the 4TB EVO 850's will be available soon. I now use thumb drives more than I use DVD's and Blu Ray disks for backup of small files.

So my thoughts are this:

Boot Drive: 1TB EVO 850 Pro (mSATA)
HDD1: 4TB EVO 850 (Regular SSD)
HDD2: 4TB EVO 850 (Regular SSD)

Put HDD1 and HHD2 back in Raid 0 like the hard drives are now. (8TB total Storge Space)

Then pull the Blue Ray Burner out and put a hard drive caddy in its place with a 3rd 4TB EVO 850. (Extra 4TB of Storage space for 12TB Total storage space on the laptop)

It's really sad that I can't push the ram to 64gb of DDR3 though.....

And unless someone knows how to fit 12TB of 2.5 inch 7200rpm hard drives in the laptop, SSD's are the the only option.

Any thoughts on a laptop built like this ? (I don't need comments about $4500 in 4TB SSD's) I know it is $4500 in SSD's already.
If your storage needs are that big, and assuming you don't need everything when away from home, you may as well invest in a NAS enclosure and some WD Red (or alternatively RE) drives to take care of long term archival and storage, then reuse the drive mounts in your machine for SSD storage.