HW monitor - cpu @ 108'C?

For some reason, HWmonitor reads my CPU temp as higher than the 4 core temps.

When my cores are around 40'C, the CPU temp reads as 45'C.
When running prime95 FFT, my cores max out around 57'C, but he CPU temp reads 108'C (226'F)

HWMonitor glitching out after I installed a new HSF? This didn't happen with my old cooler (Mugen 2).

i7 920 @ stock 2.66GHz, 1.02v
Downgraded from a Scythe Mugen2 HSF to a CM N520 HSF


nope, but I find it annoying how that CPU temperature number is just always wrong...is it getting it from BIOS?

Also, since I have two fans hooked up into the CPU-FAN slot, I'm assuming 1500RPM = 2x750 RPM, and 3000RPM = 2x1500 RPM?