Question HWMonitor showing insanely high GPU wattage

Aug 28, 2019
I'd normally just google issues like this but everytime I try to search for this issue I can't find anything (All the threads I find are about temperatures despite searching for watts/wattage). I use HWmonitor to check temps and whatnot and I've noticed that my max GPU wattage reaches insane amounts. It usually shows 186 W as the max, but then sometimes it shows 540 and once it showed 2080 Watts (Which I can't imagine is even possible). Is there a known issue with HWMonitor showing crazy wattage values or something? My video card is a radeon vega 56 and I don't do overclocking or anything like that, hell I even tried underclocking and it still shows a higher max wattage. It doesn't really seem to adversely affect PC performance though, so I'm just wondering if I should be worried or just ignore it and chalk it up to wonky sensors.

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Well as you state: 2080Watts isn't really possible.
Personally I've always seen various issues with HWMonitor, which is why I settled on HWInfo a while back and have much fewer issues.

I would highly suspect this could be an incorrect reading.
Try other monitoring software, and if possible, use your manufacturers software to read voltages/