Hybrid Dedicated Physx Card in x4 slot


Sep 7, 2012
After watching the new Borderlands 2 Physx display demo yesterday I started doing some research in my spare time on setting up a Hybrid setup. I'm currently running a 2GB Powercolor 6950 HD but, i'd like to if possible run my old 1gb Geforce 9800 GTX in my 2nd PCI-E slot for Physx. Now the slot is only X4 so i'm not sure if it will work correctly or even be worth it. I would be new to the hybrid setup too so, i'm not sure how complicated it is. Any info/help would be great this is the one game i've been waiting on for awhile now, thanks for any help given.
Do you mean it is an x4 SIZE? Or it RUNS AT x4?

If its x4 size, it wont fit (I don't think you're that stupid).

Now, it will work. I did it when I used to have my 6950 2GB with unlocked shaders. I had a 9600GSO, then a GT240, then the GTS250 I have now with my GTX460 (which obviously isnt Hybrid Physx, but it worked with my 6950)

If you were wondering, I had to swap my 6950 out for my old 460 because of heat and size issues in my new computer case. Its being used though, as I have a massive amount of computers.

Anyway, its really easy. When you install both graphics cards inside the computer, it should pick them both up and instal the standalone Windows driver. Now, the mod works best with the Nvidia 285.62 driver set:


Then install the drivers for the 9800GTX. Not all of them if you don't want, but it doesnt really matter. You just need the Physx and the graphics driver.

Now, WITHOUT RESTARTING THE COMPUTER, take the mod from this site (1.05ff):


(Its near the bottom of the first post). Then run the application (or read the directions if you want). It should be successful and patch over the regular Physx files.

Then restart your computer. When it re-boots, run GPU-Z:


to confirm that it works. If it worked, you should have a checkmark next to the Physx box when it displays the specs for your 6950.

Hope I helped!

Also what power supply are you running? Those are 2 power hungry cards!


It can, but some newer games need new phyX version (similar with directX version) so there a chance it won't work..... (i think it's nv strategy to hinders hybrid mod)

also u will need to delete phyX????.dll in the game folder to make it work.

installation process already covered by Deemo13

just add wanna add this

DL Fluidmark to test if it worked....


(u will need to delete phyX????.dll in the fluidmark folder to make it work.)


Dec 3, 2012

I'm sorry but don't reply to topics you know nothing about, It's well known that you can cut the end off of a x4 slot and fit in a x16 card easily (this can also be done with a x1 slot, but you will suffer from slightly lower performance from the lack of bandwidth) As such a dedicated physx solution is possible in almost every modern motherboard.

Install your amd drivers for your main card, and google around for you hacked physx card drivers which allows a Nvidia card to run alongside an AMD card, It's really quite simple

Good Luck