Hydro Series H105 Backplate screws are stuck.

Jun 23, 2018
Hello, I built my computer a few months ago and had issues with the cooler for the cpu but it was good enough that I didn't bother fixing it until today. I removed the lugnut screws that go on top of the 4 screws that connect to the backplate, however I cannot remove these 4 screws and have torn the backplate off, I need to remove these 4 from my motherboard to put in the new backplate I just got. Any suggestions to removing these? I tried poking them out with a tiny allen wrench, using a pliers to hold down one side while twisting the other side, and just using the pliers to rip it out. Maybe a local computer store could fix this as well?

Also will the thermal paste that has slid off my cpu harm anything or can I leave it, I'd rather not mess with my cpu too much.


From the front the 4 posts should unscrew, you may need to carefully grip the 4 nuts on the back of the motherboard with a pair of pliers as you unscrew them. I watched an installation of your AIO and it seems straightforward.

As far as the thermal paste I would personally use a q-tip to just get the majority off.