Question Hyper 212 evo or masterliquid lite 240

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What i meant is that the AIO/block is much lighter on the cpu socket area of the mobo than a big tower heatsink config.
Im not comfortable with heavy sinks puting strain om that area.

we all just have different opinions in coolers.
The 212's are relatively light in weight overall.

Most of the 'heavy heatsink breaking my motherboard' issue dates back to the early 2000's when people wanted to put giant Thermalright coolers on motherboards with fewer layers of PCB. Nearly all motherboards now are reinforced around the CPU socket to account for larger heatsinks.

Unless you are throwing your case around playing hot potato with it at LAN parties, it will more than likely be alright.
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What Rubix said.

There's a point if you're shipping a PC and there are all sorts of forces applied in unintentional ways. That's one reason system integrators are so eager to announce your free upgrade to a cheapo liquid cooler; they rather not ship with a heavy heatsink attached.

But if your PC is sitting at a desk, it's fine.
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