Hyper 212+ On ASRock H61M/U3S3 With No VRM Heatsink?


Jun 26, 2011
Hey everyone,

I just built a brand new computer based on an i5-2400 and a H61M/U3S3. Whenever I max out the CPU, the temps go above the max junction (I'm assuming that means core) temperature of 72 deg C shown on Intel's ARK. I got kinda worried and went out and bought a hyper 212+. Before I installed this, I read somewhere that using an aftermarket CPU cooler without VRM cooling isn't a good idea because that removes the airflow towards the VRMs that the stock HSF helps with. I have very good airflow in my case: 4 TriCools, front on max, back on mid for positive pressure (I don't mind the noise). What do you think? Should I install it, or should I not?


The fan on the Hyper 212+ will also blow air around the VRM. General airflow thru the case will also aid in cooling the VRM. You could always add small heatsinks to the VRM if you were able to determine that they are running hot, but this is unlikely and probably unnecessary.