Question Hyper-v has crashed my internet!

May 23, 2019

A little while back I installed hyper-v on windows which I found too complex for what I wanted to do so I deleted it.
Since then my internet kept dropping in and out. So I did a little looking around and realised that there were some virtual network adapters for hyper-v still active. I realised that they were the problem, so through device manager I uninstalled them. That's when my main problem occured, my internet is completely gone now. It can connect to the router (which works fine with all other devices) but windows says I have no internet.
Can anyone tell me what to do?:)


Need some more details, how is the system connected, wireless or wired? Are all the network adapters you have showing up in Device Manager without errors? Have you try removing them and installing again with drivers from the motherboard vendor support site, or whatever brand/model the adapters are? Did you check to see if you were getting an IP from the router?


Feb 9, 2016
"Virtual Adapters" are not synonymous with hyper-v , they are used in virtual machines but they are used otherwise as well . They are called virtual simply because there's no physical interface on your device for them but they still can be used to connect to wherever they route to .

You can reset your network adapters with the given method in the image.

After that it's not guaranteed you will be able to access the internet straight away, if the DHCP is disabled on the router your pc might not be able to connect to it, to fix that you can take the IP and gateway from any connected device and modify the last bits of the IP, then assign this IP and it's gateway as given here .

You should after this, be connected to the router . If the internet is still not accessible , try resetting the routing table by running this command in elevated powershell :
netsh interface ip delete destinationcache

If you still don't have internet, it is most likely your router's issue. It may have certain IPs and/or MAC addresses allowed to access the internet only. Each router has different names/menus so it might take time to find such settings.