Hyperthreading on a CAD PC


I had a job interview today with Ebuyer, the major U.K. retailer of PC components and such and my interviewer gave me a test on some technical stuff. One of the questions was:

A customer wants to buy a high end PC for CAD, what 3 things would you recommend to him?

I said a CPU with hyperthreading, more RAM and a high resolution monitor with a high aspect ratio for more workspace.

Now he marked me wrong on the hyperthreading one saying that all Intel CPU's since Core 2 Duo's have had hyperthreading and since the question says 'high end PC', it is not a good answer. So i then said, well i5's don't have hyperthreading. He then insisted that they do so i just gave up and agreed with him. His explanation was, that is the reason why Intel CPU's are usually clocked lower than AMD. All day though that has been bugging me, was i right? Intel's website seems to think so, or am i missing something?

If i am right i really hope he looks it up and hires me :)

Apologies if this is in the wrong place, thanks in advance for any answers.
Core 2 duo's do not have hyperthreading
Pentium 4's did and it slowed them down ... mostly

you are completely right

but that might not help you get the job since the interviewer is a fool

Perhaps a well written note to him , confirming the things you said ? Intel data sheets etc . If you are not arrogant it may prove to him your knowledge is very good

Thats why has to be extremely well written .
It might also show him you are an effective communicator

But then if hes smallminded and a twit then it will finish your chances

It may have been some kind of test actually, there were a lot of trick questions in there. Also he gave me his phone number, i did wonder why lol. I also find it hard to beleive that someone can make it that far in this business while not only not knowing the right information but actually beleiving something contradictory.

Maybe i should write a note, even if he doesnt like me for it it would still make me stand out from everyone else and i would look more knowledgeable. Also it mightve been a test.

Sorry if this is going off topic but does anyone have any suggestions as to how i could word such a note?
Ive had a think and i might just call him on the number he gave me and say:

Hi, my name is X. I had an interview with you on friday 2nd and we talked about hyperthreading in i5 and i7 processors. I had a question marked wrong in the test because i thought that hyperthreading would be good in a CAD PC and that it was worth mentioning because some CPU's such as i5's don't have it. It bugged me so i researched it and according to Intel's website, i5's don't have hyperthreading. I just wanted to let you know so it wouldn't hurt my chances of being employed.

Does that sound direct enough so that it isn't patronising but respectful enough so that i don't sound arrogant?


Nov 17, 2008
CAD is not CAD is not CAD, so you need to be more specific.
AutoCAD primarily uses only ONE thread, so hyperthread all you want and it won't matter a bit. AutoCAD primarily wants cpu speed, i.e. more GHz, and secondarily it wants lots of ram. Revit is similar but wants even more ram. But there are other types of CAD.


Mar 10, 2011

The guy was FOS nevertheless, saying i5s have HT...